Current work & research in progress

Research into the potential of art in clinical settings

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I am currently writing a research paper looking into how artists can help to communicate complex information, particularly in the form of sculpture in the education on EDS/HSD. 
As part of this research I am requesting patients and health care professionals to participate in surveys asking for their opinions and experiences in order to help me make art work that could possibly prove useful for both patients and clinicians.

Survey for health professionals -
Survey for patients, family & friends -

Phantom Tenascin-x

In the last few years there has been quite a bit of research into tenascin-x in relation to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). Particularly the seeming absence of tenascin-x in patients with Classical EDS and Hypermobile EDS.

In this project I am working with the symbolism of the tenascin-x protein structure as a way of dealing with the isolation the has come with being disabled and needing to shield during the pandemic.  

Life drawings